When I was a kid, I dreamed to be like my father

When I was kid, I dreamed to be like my father. He was my role model. There were and there are some things that I could not and still cannot do as well as he did. I grew up and noticed that there are some things I don’t want to do like him. Now, I’m happy I’m not like Dad! Because I’m like ME! And I’m happy that I’m just like me. I am just a man traveling through the experience called LIFE, every day writing the story of it. Like Peter Pan, you, all those who came  in my way, you were also the Pirat, the Good Fairy and the Red Man … Thank you for all you have offered me or taken from me. You helped me and guided me to be like ME today. If I am Ionut today it is thanks to you, too. When we met  I said and gave only as much as I could and knew  from the level of spirituality i had in that particular moment. Therefore, please do not judge me only after one page of my life book. Nor only by  the pages of the past that you just read and interpret. I am much more than that. You are the second „most valuable” gift of mine. When my mother „left”, part of my soul left with her. I only brought that part back home now! Because my mother wanted me to be whole, because someone here on earth wants me next to her as a whole. Because my mission is to be whole! The most precious gift  I received it from my Father and my Mother: LIFE. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their gift and in exchange, starting today, I will make every day count in my mission to do something beautiful, to do something great from their gift, from MY LIFE!



(Translation of an article from 02/08/2018)

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