„Who overcomes fear can consider himself immortal; who does not have it, is! ”


We live in a world where since childhood we are taught to be afraid. If we took a few minutes of introspection to discover how much of our decisions, actions and behavior are affected by fear, we would be amazed. I will list only a few of the ones I have experienced.

Fear of making mistakes … We prohibit certain actions from the fear of making mistakes … when in fact, the last mistake should be regarded as one of our best teachers.

Fear of not being hurt … We suppress our feelings and we do not give, we do not offer all of us in a relationship, for fear of being hurt… Thus we lose the joy of LOVE, instead of appreciating NOW, we limit ourselves to something that it does not exists… something that might happen, so something we’re not even sure is going to happen…

Fear of punishment… We behave according to social or legal rules out of fear of fines or other forms of sanction… OSHO said, „Give someone consciousness and then he will not need rules!”

The fear of boss… In my professional life, I met bosses, colleagues who could not impose themselves other than through fear. I don’t judge them… it was what they knew to do, their limit. That was their mission… But I can’t help wonder, how can you look in the mirror knowing that you are using the power of a function to generate such a harmful feeling in those around you? Respect instilled by fear is not lasting and in crisis situations will show a lack of consistency.

Fear of not being judged or rejected… For fear of not being rejected or judged, we show to the world a mask, we hide the real ME. It’s not fair to others, but especially to us. Imagine a life where at any moment you can be YOU with the one next to you… How wonderful it would be. Important and a gain is, not to please the other … but to appreciate others for who they really are and they to do the same for you. A mask… is just an image… and stands only until the first moment of relaxation. So, fear generates lie too.

Even religion, some priests… preach FEAR. Do good because otherwise you will reach in HELL, to be afraid of God! The God I believe in does not ask for my fear. I believe that God does not want our actions to be governed by fear, but by love. „Love and do whatever you want!” said St. Augustine. Only when our decisions, actions, thoughts come out of consciousness, come as a natural thing, we can say that they represent us and that they are part of what defines who we are.

When we bring the less pleasant experiences of the past, at present, they will generate fear. Fear of not happening again. In this case, we will judge people from the perspective of our past or theirs, without taking into account that we are already another person, we are not the one from 2 years ago. That they are different, that it is not the person who has hurt us in the past, even when it comes to one and the same person.

Fear is slavery for the mind! Horea said: „It is not slavery that frightens me, but that if the man is too much in slavery, he gets used to it. And he will not know how to live in freedom, he will be afraid of freedom.” So it is with fear, the longer we keep it, the more fears we create, we will not know how to live in the absence of fear, we will be afraid to live without fear. It is only up to us to start NOW to tear down this wall of fear, brick by brick… conversely of how we built it. The hammer? Sledgehammer? to tear down the wall? …. J  LOVE !!!


My biggest fear? Fear of abandonment and loneliness. How did I manage to remove it from my life? When I fully succeed, I will tell you! J

“Who overcomes fear can consider himself immortal; who does not have it, is. […] Fear is a death of every moment.” – Emil CIORAN – Tears and saints


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