„My travels have changed me!”

my tripWhy did I start writing? Joe Dispenza says that some of us sometimes need a so-called wake-up call to wake up. Let’s say I somehow received mine… So, I promised myself to pay more attention to what’s going on around me, to pay more attention to the messages I receive. Suddenly  I discovered that every day has something special in it. That every day I recive  something: on the page of a book, a replica of a movie, an advertising message on a banner, a conversation caught in flight. It does not matter where and how, but every day has a message to which I reason. I began to write what I understand from the messages I receive, how I reason and how it changes me and how I understand life. I also write so I can read again, I can keep the message always present and I can follow my evolution. So I see how Ionuț understood a month ago and how he understands today. Why? Because, „my travels have changed me” – Franz KAFKA. Because ever since I started on this road, I feel like every day like in the cave`s myth of Plato, with every „page” I read. I`m like the man in the cave, but maybe a little differently. My truth does not change completely every time, but it is more that the limit of my truth moves every day.

Why did I start sharing what I write? Because, information is power only when it is shared! So I chose to share… I don’t know if anyone needs my message, it’s just a gift I received and I feel like giving it further, with love! Many of the things I write about are still far from being implemented in my life. But I strive daily to get there. All I do is share with you the messages I receive on my trip. It is up to you how to interpret them and whether or not they resonate with you. I’m just a man who asks questions and shares some of the answers he receives. Why do I share them now with you? Before I can do it myself everything I say? Because sometimes,  LATER … MAY BE, TOO LATE!!!!

I can assure you only of one thing! Before writing, I first listen to my heart. Why? Because although the words are only indicative to to something (the word „honey” only indicates honey, without beeing it. Until you taste it, you will not know what it really is. You will only know the indicator / description.), WORDS HAVE POWER. „Words when spoken and articulated properly can change a person’s way of thinking. We have the power to lift someone out of suffering, from darkness or to descend him into darkness, to destroy one’s self-confidence, using only our words! ”– Mohammed QUAHTANI. So, I strive to choose carefully what I say, how I say and when I say it. But I’m not just going through the filter of the mind. If they do not come from the heart, from the harmony body, mind, heart, I choose not to tell them. I let my first thought to lay down on paper … Words can be poison or candle in the dark! THE WORDS HAVE POWER.

Why a blog?


  1. Facebook tends to make us reactive, to pay more attention to who gave us „Like” and to give ourselves „Like” to comments. We tend to lose sight of the real reason why we wrote / posted.
  2. Because C. B., a colleague and friend, gave me a message when I was ready to understand it. „Believe me, if you have the certainty that you have only 20 loyal readers to whom you give  another perspective, and you will feel that you have won. If you have something to say in the field, ignore the number of followers . „

And then, I understood …

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