In the end there is only one…ME and YOU!

blog 05 aug
“When you will feel strong enough, take a look inside yourself to see if maybe unconsciously  you are creating a conflict between your inner world and your exterior one, between the external circumstances (the place you are, person you are with or what you are doing) and your thoughts and feelings. Can you feel how painful it is to oppose internally the things that are?  The moment you will admit this, you will realise that you are free to get rid of this useless conflict, this inner war state of mind.”

Who am I? A question that plagues many of us. We are so concerned, that a even movie was made on this topic: „Who the f …. k we are?” (Very good otherwise, I wholeheartedly recommend it).

I also recently started on this road towards meeting with „myself”. This Blog is … a travel diary, and the posts are „Photos” from the most interesting places I have been. Some of them happy places, some of them not so pleasant… but all of them: Lessons, and all the people I met: teachers. What is the role of „YOU” in the title, if the article is about me? Because the moment I will be I and find „MYSELF”, I will have the power to see, recognize and appreciate the true value of „YOU„.

de8ce9bca9889f31980f25d8af3c9315--motorcycle-quotes-biker-quotesLet’s go back to who I am now? I am none other than me! We can hide the true I from the world but never from us. When we are just us with us, let`s admit that we see him there, we feel him longing to come to the surface. This hiding of the true I, causes pain, an internal conflict and a constant presence of the question, who am I? Most of the time we don’t even show this pain, this conflict. Thus, like an actor on stage … „happy during the day / sad after the sunset” … we play the role we have chosen … and regardless of our inner life, we show the world what she wants to see. Why are we hiding the real I? For fear of not bothering, for fear of not being judged, for fear of being abandoned, so as not to ruin our created image. Fear of not ruining an image created …. hmmm. Who am I and who do I show the world? Is it one and the same thing? How many times did we not actually show others what they wanted to see, instead of showing who we really are. I have the courage to admit that, especially in my couple relationship, especially in the beginning … I did that. Why? For the fear of not being accepted, or abandoned. (Old trauma finally healed). Another example is just that I refrained from writing, from expressing my opinions on these topics, in public. Why? Because I was scared not to be judged and my career opportunities not to be potentially affected by this. I can only now understand that if a job will be refused to me for the way I think, it is a positive thing. Because it wouldn’t be my place there. Limiting the possibility of being me, it would be a daily pain. I Finally realised that this concealment of the true I, this internal resistance to what exists, does not bring me closer to people. On the contrary, it was isolating me from myself and others.

Imagine how it would be like to live your life with someone you trust, who has chosen you for who you truly are. Have a job where you can be YOU at any time. It would be wonderful and relaxing, wouldn’t it? How can we achieve this? Just by being us, authentic from the beginning, just offering authenticity and thanking both those who choose us and those who do not choose us. How come to those who decided not to choose us? For their sincerity, because in doing so they also offer us authenticity and do not pretend that they  like us just to bring us to them. Otherwise, in the absence of authenticity, from our part foremost, we will always be crushed till physical pain by these inner conflicts. And as long as there is no harmony between mind, body and heart, change will not come into our lives!

And … „In the end, there is only … one you!” There are an infinite potentially futures waiting for you. Which one will materialise? It depends on the decisions we take today! And in the end it is only about US vs US in front of the mirror.  We need a lot of courage, but we only need a second, to become US again. I give you my word of honor, IT WORTH !

And I tell you something else, the Divine experiences LIFE through us.

„You are here to allow the divine purpose of the universe to be fulfilled. You are so important! ”– Eckhart TOLLE, The Power of the Present


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